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Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics provides a view of your business through the eyes of your consumer which is shown through surveys, questionnaires, consumer reviews, etc. By implementing Marketing data into your business, it will help you understand how your website is perceived, what areas of your marketing campaigns are doing well, what is driving new consumers to your store and maintaining customer retention. Analytics place immense power in the hands of the business.

Know your Marketplace
Marketing Campaigns
Demographics of Target Consumers
Website Optimization for Marketing Hotspots
Buying Habits
Website Interaction

Marketing Reallocation


Where are you spending your marketing funds?

Do you know what your ROI is today on your marketing spend?

Reallocation can be a big help to the solution!

Increase potential sales by changing your promotional spending habits!


6 Areas Small Businesses should INCREASE their Advertising Spend

  • Dynamic Website
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Influence/Traffic
  • Live Chat

5 Areas Small Businesses should DECREASE their Advertising Spend

  • Yellow Pages
  • News Paper Ads/Inserts
  • TV/Cable
  • Radio/Billboards
  • Direct Mail

Marketing Mix

Get the most BANG for your Marketing bucks

Did you know?


of business owners believe having a website is the most effective digital marketing strategy.



of American small businesses
have a website

Do you get the best ROI for your marketing mix?

The right mix can dramatically increase ROI


ROI of Email Marketing


of small businesses use social media marketing


of consumers research online prior to purchases


increase in spending from consumers who engage with a business on social media


of consumers have visited a store because of an online experience


online reviews from consumers were positive


conversion rate from