Sell what you have. You can have it all!

Purchase necessary inventory and manage your cash flow.

  • Reduce Lost Sales Opportunities with Sufficient Inventory in Your Store.
  • Increase Gross Margin with the Flexibility to Take Advantage of Special Sales Opportunities from Manufacturers and Distributors.
  • Add New Lines Without the Burden of Applying for Credit from Each Vendor.
  • Minimize the Frustrations Often Associated with Inventory Financing from Traditional Lenders

Wells Fargo

  • Interest-Free Financing Lowers Borrowing Costs
  • Maximize Your Inventory
  • Earn Repeat Customers
  • Stock up on show specials and inventory needs
  • Flexible repayment terms not available on open account
  • Display programs with extended terms
  • Available tools to help grow your business

Northpoint Commercial Finance

  • Focused – Inventory Financing is ALL Northpoint Commercial Finance Does
  • Sufficient Credit Capacity for Your Business Today and in the Future
  • Ability to Purchase During Seasonal Buys and Expand Sales Floor
  • Lenders Compete for Your Business
  • Flexible & Responsive Service
  • We Work FOR Your Business – Creating Programs Based On Your Needs!