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“Encore: The Game-Changer in Bedding –     A Nationwide Southwest Exclusive”


During the Nationwide Southwest’s PrimeTime event held in February, discussions were centered on Encore, an exclusive new private label product line brought about by the partnership between Sherwood Bedding and Tempur Sealy.

Encore represents a solution to potential raw material challenges that might have hindered smaller manufacturers’ delivery. Through the partnership with Tempur Sealy, one of the largest manufacturers, retailers can be assured that future raw material shortages won’t impact them. They have the support of Encore, a private label exclusively available to Nationwide Southwest members.

MAP pricing, offering the same rates to everyone, has its pros and cons. Often, larger retailers get precedence, which can leave independent retailers at a disadvantage. However, Encore steps in with high-demand price points, particularly under $1,000. Despite an increased average ticket price, the demand for products priced below $1,000 remains robust, even seeing a rise due to tariffs.

There has been a significant uptick in the amount of inventory retailers are holding. An attendee at the PrimeTime event reported that his inventory levels had risen from $50,000 to $350,000. This fact resonates with the Encore strategy. Currently, the words “in stock” hold great significance in marketing. Retailers advertising their in-stock products tend to move their inventory faster, a strategy that Encore aims to capitalize on by ensuring a majority of products are available on the shop floor.

Mark Chase, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Sherwood Bedding, a leader in private label mattress programs operating five manufacturing facilities across the U.S., says that Encore is not just a collection of beds but a total program. They have devised six different collections under Encore, ranging from opening price points up to hybrids, an impressive memory foam offering, and roll pack bedding. Each bed is backed by a comprehensive suite of marketing assets to provide Nationwide Southwest members with everything they need to establish value in their new exclusive offering from Encore.

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