Vendor Spotlight AltheaSuite

AltheaSuite is a software program that helps businesses manage different aspects of their operations such as inventory, sales, purchases, appointments, services, and manufacturing. You can use it on your computer or phone and it has advanced analytics features that give you more insight into your business data, so you can make smarter decisions that lead to profit.


Cloud Based

No need for internal infrastructure, AWS dependability

Comprehensive Solution & Modular Design

With AltheaSuite, you can handle all aspects of your business in one place. Whether it’s buying goods or delivering them, the software has tools to help you at every stage. You can customize which features you use based on your specific needs, and as your business grows, AltheaSuite can grow with you.

Althea Approach

Understand the real life problem, provide a simple solution, go that extra mile to make sure to fit perfectly for the business to solve the problem at hand
Deepa Khatri

Deepa Khatri

CEO, AltheaSuite

We pride in our ability to provide comprehensive and effective solutions quickly for our clients

AltheaSuite is a complete business management solution much more than just an ERP and MRP.

While being really good at managing your complex inventory, manufacturing processes along with COGS calculations of all your purchased and manufactured items, it also suggests you what you need to order, how much stock you should keep and and what you should make. In other words, it is not just a dump database of your business data but it is smart to use the data it holds and helps you grow your business.

Besides managing your core business related data like, inventory, books of accounts etc, AltheaSuite will also assist you in your daily operations, by managing appointments for everyone and everything. Manage your tools, manage work queues and also provide advanced Kanban boards for tasks.

I will also notify you of important happenings in your office and even manage office communications between teams and between people. Keep track of work shifts, manage timesheets, even assist you in counting foot falls to your store. It provides extensive customization per user and limited access per role so that learning and using the application is easy for everyone.

You may find many applications out there that provide ERP and MRP related functionalities and it is fruitless to list all of those here as AltheaSuite does all those too. What makes AltheaSuite different is that it is built on your practical day to day requirements. You will find many convenient features and tools here which you will not find all in one solution anywhere else. Plus AltheaSuite team wants to listens to you, wants to learn your daily troubles and provide solutions just for your needs to make your business run as smoothly as possible and give you more time to spend on doing what you love doing the most.