Member Spotlight: A & A Appliance Center

Happy 75th Anniversary!

This month’s newsletter is extra special as we introduce one of our long-time members in this edition of Member Spotlight.

Nationwide Southwest is proud to congratulate A&A Appliance Center on 75 years of business! We have been in partnership with A&A Appliance Center for over 23 years & we could not be more delighted with this fruitful partnership.

The company was originally founded by Alton Segura and Anthony Herbert In 1947. Hence the name “A&A”. Both Segura and Herbert owned the operation for several years before retiring and handing down the business to Richard Pellerin & Debra Sonnier. 

This family-owned business is currently operated/owned by Debra Sonnier & Richard Pellerin. While Debra & Richard are not directly related to the original owners of A&A Appliance Center, they were long-time trusted employees of the company before becoming owners. Debra worked for A&A for over 41 years alongside Richard before taking over.

Join us in congratulating this humble establishment on 75 years of success. 


By: Jose Candelas, Marketing Specialist – Nationwide Southwest – America’s Marketing Group                                                                          Photograph Source: