8 Reasons Why There’s No Place Like Local for the Holidays

As an Independent Dealer, you already know the importance of shopping local. Your business depends on consumers in your market making the decision to shop with you instead of your competition.  How do you entreat those consumers to make just that decision, turning them into your customers?  If all goes well, they could turn into something even better – repeat customers who refer friends and family to you!

We offer the following business tips to use as talking points as you engage with consumers – whether online or face-to-face – to overcome any objections they have and maybe even get them to think about shopping local (with you!) for reasons they hadn’t considered before!  Create this win-win scenario by using these ideas in your social media campaigns and other marketing assets!

1. Shopping Local keeps the money local.

$68 of every $100 spent in local stores stays in that community. Compared to big-box shopping, when less than half of that same $100 is circulated in the local economy.  How much difference could 20% more money make in your local economy? Dollars spent at local businesses generates 3.5 times more wealth than shopping at big-box chains.

2.  Discover unique, locally-sourced items & gifts.

Especially during the Holiday Shopping season, local businesses get a chance to really shine!  Local artists, craftspeople and service providers can offer goods and services through local storefronts.  Family and friends appreciate unique, thoughtful gifts.  Nationwide Southwest – America’s Marketing Group Members can carefully choose the products and services that could be the perfect gift – and be THE PLACE to find it!

3. Community. Pride.

Shopping local allows customers to get to know business owners and their staff – most of whom are also part of the local community.  You may attend church together, or your children are on the same soccer team. The personal touch in a sales process oftentimes turns a good sale into a great customer and what better way to connect with your customers than when you share this sense of community? Conversations in the high school football stadium can help you generate leads and sales… and therefore, PROFITS!

4. Local Love for Thy Neighbor.

With 77 million Americans employed by local businesses in roughly two-thirds of all private-sector jobs, it’s easy to see the possibility that someone you know works for a small business.  Your neighbors and fellow community members are people with families and needs and sometimes even struggles like your own. Referring back to point #1, shopping local helps keep them employed. It helps keep a roof over their head and food on their table.

5. It’s better for the environment!

Shopping online or in big-box stores creates a greater carbon footprint.  Think of all the additional transportation along the supply chain of a chain retailer, or even the large online retailers!  Planes, trains, automobiles, delivery drivers, shipping packaging materials… just one trip from your home to a local retailer or dealer can help you cut down on those (carbon) costs!

6. Local Businesses will not only survive – but thrive.

Keeping your money in your community by shopping at locally-owned businesses has a direct, more beneficial effect on your local economy.  Not only are you supporting local families whose livelihoods could be dependent upon customers shopping local, $20 more of every $100 spent in local businesses stays in the community than when customers purchase at big-box or chains.  More money in the community translates to more tax dollars that local governments can utilize to repair roads and bridges or fund schools, among other civic responsibilities.

7. Reduce the Risk of Shipping Delays.

Shopping local, buying what is in-stock is a great way to eliminate shipping delays due to over-worked delivery drivers or other logistical concerns.  Backups at shipping ports, a trucking industry that is straining to keep up with demand, labor shortages, higher demand along with higher shipping costs all play into higher prices passed along to consumers.  Shopping with independent retailers & dealers, and purchasing what they have in-stock, your holiday shopping worries will disappear!

8. You Love the Experience of Shopping In-store.

That sales team of folks who work and live locally in your community. The experience and knowledge they bring. The hands-on, tactile buying experience. The customer service you deserve.  Maybe even have a conversation with the owner of the store.  One-on-one connections and customer experience are second-to-none with independent dealers like our customer-focused Members. Nationwide Southwest – America’s Marketing Group Members offer all this and more to their customers – something consumers cannot experience when shopping online.

In essence, your customers should be getting the message loud and clear: the reasons to purchase at local businesses – especially this Holiday Season – greatly outnumber the pros of shopping with big-box or online retailers. Supercharge your local economy.  Support your neighbors’ businesses. Eliminate the hassles of shipment delays and get the customer service you deserve.  Shop Local.

By: Allicia Hendrix, Marketing Specialist – Nationwide Southwest, America’s Marketing Group