Business Financial Services – Stock Up, Then Swipe Their Card!
When global logistical issues create backlogs for customers, retailers and manufacturers alike, one thing is clear among all parties along the supply chain.  Buy what’s available, when it’s available.  Secondary to that thought: sell what you have!  That aged sofa or stove generates you $0.00 in revenue while it’s sitting on your showroom or warehouse. In order to move it, you may have to deduct from your margin a bit, but as you do most of the time already, think about your customer (and their subsequent loyalty!).

That product may be the upgraded model to the SKU they wanted or it may have more, higher-end features.  Selling them what they need from what you have ready to deliver keeps them happy while generating some cash flow for you!

Once you have closed the sale, you have further opportunities to upsell while presenting more of your value proposition.  Extended warranty or service plan, accessories, delivery/removal, etc. add value for them and profit for you – if done masterfully!

At the Point-of-Sale, remember what likely drove the customer to you in the first place – your marketing and/or your brand’s reputation! When more than 75% of consumers say they ALWAYS look for promotional financing when making a major purchase, your close rate will be reflected in the perceived value your customer gets from their interaction with your business!

Nationwide Southwest helps defray any decrease in your margin by offering aggressive credit card processing rates for our Members. Your annual savings from using our consumer financing promotions could add up to TENS of THOUSANDS!

Our business financing solutions help you not only increase gross margin and add new brands or product lines, but also increase ticket size while offering your customer very competitive financing rates!  In previous editions of The Independent EDGE, we showcased our Primary and Second-Look/Tertiary Consumer Financing options.

Inventory  Financing

Wells Fargo Commercial Distribution Finance

Wells Fargo has a long-standing program within different divisions for Nationwide Southwest Members.  Our Members can take advantage of these programs that can include interest-free financing, special buying periods (like at PrimeTime & Palooza), a Small Business Paycheck Protection Program, flexible repayment terms, and tools to help grow their businesses.  Wells Fargo also offers special display programs with extended terms, along with the other company’s division’s offerings – Retail Services (Credit Card Processing), and Merchant Services (Primary Consumer Financing).

Northpoint Commercial Finance

Our program with Northpoint Commercial Finance is relatively new to our group but is a powerful one for our Members nonetheless.  All Northpoint Commercial Finance does is Inventory Financing, so they are highly specialized!  They offer ample lines of credit to businesses to ensure growth and bring vendors to you to compete for your business – so you always get the best deal!  They offer flexible and responsive service, working FOR your business to create your own custom financing program.

Credit Card Processing

Wells Fargo Merchant Services

Featuring easy, online, and paper applications with fast funding to you, Wells Fargo allows you to conveniently accept payments from your customers, and their program can be integrated with your POS and tailored to your business’s needs.  They offer practical pricing for small-to-medium businesses so you can easily understand what processing costs you incur from month-to-month.  They allow online card payments as well as contactless terminals for in-store purchases as well.

American Express

Perhaps one of the most well-known credit card processing services, Amerian Express’s program with Nationwide Southwest is unparallelled in saving our Members money on transaction costs!  They offer a Paycheck Protection Program and set up Account Alerts so you can monitor payments, spending habits, and employee card use.  Strong budgeting tools help you stay on-track financially.  A useful Year-End summary lets you review your annual spending.


Nationwide Southwest Members also have Payroc’s credit card processing program as an option for their businesses. Their Interchange Management system reduces overall cost of card acceptance and helps avoid increased rates.  EMV card acceptance mandates are no problem with Payroc’s Fraud Protection service.  Like most processing services, Payroc offers next-day funding and real-time reporting for our Members who use their program.  They also allow convenient mobile device payments to help you save up to 50% on those sales!  Contactless payments are also part of their program.  Ask about their Meet or Beat Guarantee!

When it comes to business financial services, Nationwide Southwest offers CHOICE!  Our fully-vetted vendor partners offer competitive programs that allow for maximum potential profit margins and the best possible financing options for your customers!  Keep your store stocked while selling what you have in-stock and saving on credit card processing fees by using our vendor programs!
By: Allicia Hendrix, Marketing Specialist – Nationwide Southwest, America’s Marketing Group